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Our Services

Kowam Systems is a leading IT service Provider with a wide range of IT service domain experience. We have years of experience deploying complex IT solution for clients worldwide. We help our clients to identify opportunities for business process improvement, find the right IT solution and help them build the roadmap to achieve their goals by leveraging the power of information technology.

Our services cover a wide range of platforms. We are happy to hear from you at all times, so if the service you require is not listed please do not hesitate to contact us.

IT Consulting Services
Bespoke Software Development
Database Design and Integration
Network Services
Internet and Intranet Services

IT Consulting Services

Kowam Systems offer advisory services that help you to assess different technology strategies and in doing so align your technology strategy with your business and process models. IT consulting supports our customers' IT initiatives by providing strategic, architectural, operational and implementation planning. Read more...

Bespoke Software Development

Kowam Systems specialises in building custom client/server solutions. Solutions we have developed range from small, stand-alone Win32 applications to large, scalable, multi-user web-based client/server applications with SQL Server.

Our team has a broad set of skill and experience in providing solutions. Our project managers work closely with you throughout the project development life cycle to ensure that the final solution is exactly what you specified.

Our development teams draw on wealth of experience and are constantly updating their skills to ensure that they can meet whatever task is given them. This enables us to deliver the best possible solution to any given task.

We are also happy to develop individual modules that integrate with your existing systems. We are able to develop solutions on a wide range of platforms and technologies such as the following:

  • Microsoft C# 2005
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 and 6.0
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • ASP.Net 2.0
  • Microsoft Sql Server 2005, 2000, 7.0
  • MySQL 5.0
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Exchange sercer 2003, 2000
  • Microsoft Office

Whatever your needs maybe kowam Systems can deliver the solution. Please contact us to discuss your needs further.

Database Design and Integration

We also design and redesign as well as integrate your existing databases into any new solutions that you may require. Kowam Systems can undertake the following types of work on databases such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Oracle:

  • Design/Redesign – Using the relational model to create normalised databases
  • Database Security- Set up User logins and group accounts, adding audit trails
  • Migration of databases such from Microsoft Access to SQL Server
  • Integration of databases with technologies such intranet and internet
  • Stored Procedure and Trigger development- this can significantly speed up your application
  • Performance optimization of queries, stored procedures etc
  • Extend existing functionality
  • Setting up replication

Please contact us to discuss your database needs further.

Network Services

Today, networks are playing a crucial role in the office environment. Kowam Systems therefore provides a wide range of network services:

  • Internet Sharing to enable all your employee to have access to the internet
  • Email services/Exchange Server configuration and setup
  • Network Infrastructure design and Implementation
  • Network Administration and Maintenance

Please contact us if you any questions regarding our network services.

Internet and Intranet Services

More than simply providing a presence on the Web, Kowam Systems uses Web technology to help our clients improve the way they do business.

We have extensive experience developing Web-based applications for enhancing business operations, including:

  • Collaboration tools
  • Customized text search and retrieval systems
  • Decision support systems
  • Executive information systems
  • Data warehousing and data mining systems
  • Data collection systems

We offer a highly trained and professional staff with diverse technical backgrounds that encompass the skill sets required for a typical Web development effort, including Web site design and layout, graphics and page design, data and database analysis and design, systems design, relational database management system implementation and administration, software engineering, human factors engineering, and Web application development. Please contact us for more information

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Kowam Systems Ltd
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