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KSAS - our web based Student Management Information system

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Some of the exciting features include

  • Student Enrolments
  • Attendance Management and reports
  • Course and class management
  • Generate student documents
  • Print student and staff id cards
  • Confirmation of Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) processing
  • Send and receive emails from KSAS.
  • Expandable alerts i.e. click on a link next to an alert to see affected students or staff e.g. visa expiring students.
  • Automatic background processing - send SMS reminders to students for example payment reminders, truancy or appointment reminders.
  • E-library feature means you can now upload your eBooks for easy access by students.
  • Exam results and assignments.
  • Web based management reports.
  • Use the new Ad hoc report designer for custom report generation.
  • Online Application form enables you to integrate your site with KSAS.
  • Optional Biometric Attendance module

Contact Info

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Kowam Systems Ltd
145-157 St John Street

Phone: 020 7788 7669
Fax: 020 7160 5234



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